Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Autumn Inspiration is "Falling" on True Foundation Creations!

I love fall! I love everything about it, I especially enjoy autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains! I don't know what it is about fall in the mountains,
 but there is just something very special about it!
The smell, the crisp cool breeze, apple everything, that cozy warm feeling, tractors, hayrides, overalls, sweaters, friends and family, lots of smiles and laughter... I really could go on and on!
Autumn Photography - pumpkins fall photography print - orange blue nature photo - october farm country rural - 8x12 Photograph, "Harvest" - CarolynCochrane
Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia - 11x14 inch Photographic Print by Brendan Reals - BrendanReals
Single Coffee Mug in Burmese Gold by Nstarstudio - NstarStudio
Country House, Green Door Original, Shabby Chic,  Fine Art Photography Print - VintageOnWings
Turquoise Bar Dish - StayARThomeMom
Rustic Wagon Wheel Photograph -  8 x 10 inch - TheHeartWithin
Hot Apple Cider Earrings - BlueGnome
Tractor in the Orchard - Farm Apples Photography Blue Orange Green Autumn Spring North Carolina NC Fine Art Lustre Print - 8x10 Photograph - FlashForward
Simple Corn Stalks - 5x7 color - pictureshappen
The Green Barn - CEJPhotography
i heart North Carolina - leather. - truche
Autumn Farm I - North Carolina Mountains - OriginalArtPrints
North Carolina Leafs: Leaf Earrings, Mixed Metal Earrings - TiffyBlanchflower
Acorns Large with Affixed Caps - Autumn crafts, decorations, DIY Rustic Wedding supplies- October Wedding- Clean & dried - rusticcraftdesign
Fall Apples, North Carolina Photography - 5x7 Print, Kitchen Art - orangecatart
Water Droplets - CEJPhotography
I think though, the greatest thing about fall is the urgent need you feel to craft... and craft and CRAFT!
During this wonderful season of fall I am inspired by everything (and I mean everything), I am constanly filling notebooks full with all my crazy ideas... and running to Michaels more than I should!

Today, as I was taking my morning walk, I stumbled (litterly) upon a few of the acorns that had fallen this autumn! I was amazed by the beautiful bright colors that each one was full of... Green, purple, brown and specks of a deep colbolt blue!
Normally I just gather the nuts, strip them of their tops  (I make ornaments with them) and then give the friskly little squirrels a nutty little treat to stuff their cheeks with (there really isn't anything cuter than a squirrel with its cheeks stuffed with nuts), but this time the photographer in me had to take a few pictures of these awesome acorns! So I ran inside, grabbed my camera and started snapping... Here is what I captured...
I will turn all the tops of these wonderful acorns into ornaments to sell in my etsy shop!
I can't wait to start making them!
Keep calm and craft on!
Love what you read...leave a comment and tell me what you think! Love what you see... Here is a coupon for my etsy shop, so you too can enjoy a beautiful sparkling acorn top ornament to hang on your Christmas tree this year!
(expires November 31, 2013)

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  1. I love the acorn ornament idea! I also live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love it here- so beautiful!